Song therapy… Pink …. Barbies 

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This song is what I’m talking about. Tomorrow I turn another year older being who I don’t want to be. I want to go back to playing barbies in my room.

Stop looking for your passion

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I just listened to this and it had me thinking. Am I setting myself up for failure? This year was suppose to be my year for passion yet it’s half way through it and I haven’t found it. In fact it’s causing me to find flaws in myself for not having it. Maybe the lady is right and I need to find passion in what I’m currently doing. She says it’s a feeling not an action. I think she’s right. It’s such an eye opener and something I needed to hear. Do you agree with her?

Music inspiration

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I bought the newest Justin beiber cd a couple months ago but never listened to the whole thing. Today I got bored with the radio so I out on my music player. When this song came on it caught my attention. It’s just what I needed to hear. Life is worth living no matter what your going through. I need to remember that always. Take a listen and let me know if you find inspiration too.

Music therapy

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I heard this song on YouTube yesterday and I can relate to it. I thought I’d share it with you all. Please have a listen. The lyrics are haunting.

Watch “Undertow by Tool (1993) Full Album” on YouTube

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Just a little insight into my life. I listen to a lot of YouTube. Tonight I rediscovered tool. I freaking love this band in the nineties. I even saw then at lalapooloza 1997. I forgot how much of an impact the music had on me. I feel like I’m twenty again working two jobs and going to college. How did I have the energy lol

Music Therapy

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Here are some songs that always put me in a better mood. What are some that put you in a better mood?


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This song is speaking to me right now. We are all broken in some way looking for human connections.