Is it Friday yet?

I just had my individual consult with my boss. It went well but i know she talks to her boss next. It has me worried that they will hold against me trying for a different position. If they even know. Damn it i just worry too damn much. Gotta remember i can’t control others. IContinue reading “Is it Friday yet?”

Do you feel this way too?

This right here explains me wonderfully. It’s nice to know someone else feels it too. I mean really lazy perfectionist is totally me. Though I’ve noticed I’ve felt less of a need to be perfect so I’m not sure if it’s a fluke or real change. Kinda sad i don’t believe in myself really. ThisContinue reading “Do you feel this way too?”


I’m worried about my son and job and money. Really everything. I know worry isn’t good but I don’t seem to have the skills to let it go. I’ve decided to cut out sugar from my diet starting Wednesday. Maybe that will help. I need to turn things around. I’m tired of this rut I’mContinue reading “worried”

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