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Are my worries getting the best of me? I don’t think so but they are weighing on me. Right now I don’t have a lot to do at work so I have plenty of time to think. I’m fearful of failing. It is consuming me like a slow burn. It’s silly as I’ve done this before and was ok at it. Maybe better then I give myself credit as they hired me back. I will not fail. I got this!


Freaking out a little

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Anxiety has a hold on me today. I’ve got so many worries I can’t think straight. I’m trying to use prayer and keep it in God’s hands but I’m failing miserably. I could use some positive mojo or prayers please.

Change is not good when you have an adjustment disorder and bipolar. But here I am again.

Can’t sleep

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I have been trying to fall asleep for an hour and a half which is rare for me. I have a lot of worries going through my brain.

  • Going back to my new old job
  • A trip I’m suppose to make in March
  • My son is going to a large city three hours away to a concert he told me this Wednesday
  • Feeling lonely
  • My hair falling out
  • Waiting on income taxes back

I think that’s the main list. I even took my klonopin which usually helps me to drift off. I just don’t know what else to do. I suppose I will fall asleep eventually. I feel for people that deal with this every night.


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I have insurance again so I have an appt Monday with pdoc. I’m praying she lets me keep my klonopin. I’m fat from addicted to it and I truly use it as needed. With going back to a more stressful job I will benefit from it. I am just worried as she had mentioned getting me off it before. And I hate sounding like a drug seeker which I feel a lot of doctors think people are nowadays. I know if I can’t have it … I will be fine but it’s still bullshit I am sitting here worrying about it. Grrr so I guess the picture up there is wrong. My meds don’t stop me from caring. Though I remember the days it was like that. I’d rather have the anxiety then be a zombie. Still why can’t their be a happy medium?