Hi anxiety my old frenemy

So today the anxiety is back. Work related and money related. I am trying not to take any medicine for it and breath work through it. I have a work ethical dilemma and no matter how i play it out it’s a lose lose situation. I just want people to do their jobs and notContinue reading “Hi anxiety my old frenemy”

Do you feel this way too?

This right here explains me wonderfully. It’s nice to know someone else feels it too. I mean really lazy perfectionist is totally me. Though I’ve noticed I’ve felt less of a need to be perfect so I’m not sure if it’s a fluke or real change. Kinda sad i don’t believe in myself really. ThisContinue reading “Do you feel this way too?”

Telling co workers

I have a co worker who asks if I’m feeling ok. It’s probably because i look ill having to stop panic attacks in group meetings. My old group of co workers knew about the bipolar since i went mia while in the psych hospital. Plus the meds turning me into a zombie before that. IContinue reading “Telling co workers”

Just one day

I had my first unit meeting and it sucks coming in to strangers. Wanting to get along with all the people yet not knowing the political climate. I feel i was pretty confident and did ok but still something’s are running through my head. I now sit here with nothing really to do for anContinue reading “Just one day”

Goliath versus David

I feel like this supervisor position is a goliath in my head. I have so many worries and fears about it. I have to believe i am David and will overcome that obstacle and be a great leader. I think it’s a combination of perfectionism and imposter syndrome. I am not going to go onContinue reading “Goliath versus David”

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