It’s Friday and I’m getting off early which means the day will drag. I’m anxious do too a work thing and I don’t know how to stop being anxious. It makes me ineffective. I need a change but I honestly don’t have the means to make it happen. There are not a lot of jobsContinue reading “Tgif”

Are you mad?

My middle son asks me this a lot. I do feel my anger in things starting to swell again but then again maybe I just have resting bitch face. Bottom line is I don’t know how to fix it. I quit therapy. My therapist just want a good fit. Even though I promised myself toContinue reading “Are you mad?”

Misery loves company

I didn’t realize how unhappy I am until yesterday. I had wishes for misery on another person. Not really wishes I guess but more that I wasn’t alone in mine. She was talking about her life and unhappiness and I liked it. I feel so ashamed but it’s the truth. So I am doubly unhappyContinue reading “Misery loves company”

I fucked up *** possible triggers

I made a bad judgement call as work. I don’t talk about work as much as I would like too since this is a public blog. I am stuck deep in my head over something that is not the end of the world. How swiftly the desire to harm myself or take too many pillsContinue reading “I fucked up *** possible triggers”

If I could turn back time…

The song title well make sense at the end of the post 🙂 I’m out of the depression but still got something else going on. I think just general life unhappiness. Now that I’m out of crisis mode my job is toxic abd I wonder just how toxic my marriage is. I always thought myContinue reading “If I could turn back time…”

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