Another i don’t know post

I don’t know about my therapist. I attempted to have her dig deep with me and she stayed pretty superficial. I wanted to talk about trauma in my life i might not remember and she seemed to evade. We discussed basic anxious feelings that i already knew and when i brought up some root issuesContinue reading “Another i don’t know post”

Crap week

This last week ended up being super crap filled. Here’s the run down in brief… My therapist made me think he cared then didn’t My ex put in parenting plan he only wants one weekend a month… Who asks for less time? Work in general is stressful Friday night the work stress went into overdriveContinue reading “Crap week”


So after pouring my heart and soul into therapy… My therapist tells me he’s moving to a practice area another forty five minutes from me. Starting February… I didn’t have the fortitude to ask then why did you bother calling me but now I’m thinking it was to tell me he was moving his practiceContinue reading “Wtf”

It’s Friday

I’m ready for the weekend. I have a few things planned. Just got to get through today. My mood is weird I’m in a good mood but stressed. So there is a line of tension. I went home early yesterday and slept all day. I think my body needed it.  The ex finally got aContinue reading “It’s Friday”

Cancelled therapy

I requested my money back and instead of trying to keep me as a client with a discount and new therapist they straight refunded my money per an email. I hope it’s true without hassle. Very disappointed. What is wrong with me that I can’t find a therapist that works out? Also I think it’sContinue reading “Cancelled therapy”

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