As seen on Facebook

I did not write the list above but it’s a good mindful reminder to be in the moment despite what’s going on. I connected with an old boss of mine today. It was good to catch up. Im letting go of normal expectations today by understanding i have no control over the pandemic other thenContinue reading “As seen on Facebook”

A must read

So far I firmly believe the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Is really finally a book that is hitting home for me. It’s a little hard to get some concepts at first as he is very figurative where my mind wants to go literal but I just read a section that essentially said thatContinue reading “A must read”

Life purpose

I found this in a fb group. It all is important but what was an ah ha moment was the finding a purpose. I’ve written how I’ve been struggling with the point of life. This gives some insight into why I feel it so deep sometimes. When in hypo mania the world is mine thenContinue reading “Life purpose”

Sucking negativity

I realized this morning I’m letting negativity drag me down. I’m so ready for the weekend and being able to sleep in. I’m not sure how to think positive I’m so in a negative funk. I want to though. I’m going to try some dbt tips I learned from a book. Cuz this is suckingContinue reading “Sucking negativity”

Morning routine

This is me every night and most mornings. The weekends being the exception as I get to sleep in. I don’t know if it’s me getting older or the meds. I use to have motivation to wear make up every day. Now I’ve lost that ability. I don’t know how to get it back. IContinue reading “Morning routine”

Feeling better

Tomorrow I have to deal with the work thing. I really want to show the person how “unprofessional” I can be. But I know that will only hurt me and make me more paranoid depressed. Thanks to encouragement I have started compiling my blog from the beginning. My journey to being diagnosed. I’m happy I’mContinue reading “Feeling better”

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