Certain people in my life are plain assholes who don’t get what they do in life impacts others but yet I’m not suppose to care what others think! Well news flash I do. I probably always will when it comes to things I take pride in or I need… like my job. Or people IContinue reading “Assholes”

Rant and Useful youtube videos

I was going to start with the rant but decided not to make the folks who came here looking for the youtube videos to suffer through it. I will preface the rant to say I am home sick which has lead me to be exhausted but not able to sleep. So what do you doContinue reading “Rant and Useful youtube videos”

What The Hell — When two people have two different Realities

My husband tells me tonight that when we went to Florida for our son’s Dream Factory wish that he considered us separated. WHAAA??? Now I know we were six weeks from being there as he was in love with some High School Fantasy girl that was just an unhappy married women who lead my husbandContinue reading “What The Hell — When two people have two different Realities”

Rants and Raves Edition 03/11/14

I wanted to share this photo of my beautiful family who love me unconditionally — I know not everyone has that kind of grace and I am grateful. So I’ve been thinking about negatives and positives I have going on right now. Neg: I didn’t get the job I wanted Pos: I think it isContinue reading “Rants and Raves Edition 03/11/14”

romantic movies and novels are Bullshit!

Ha how is that for a title.  Yesterday I reblogged a post a wonderful writer wrote about emotional cutting.  You can find the original here. It has me thinking and realizing all kinds realizations. I have for years ranted how movies and books make horrible expectations of love and romance. No one can live upContinue reading “romantic movies and novels are Bullshit!”

I am continually one day away from a nervous breakdown

And no matter who I ask to help me in the mental health field they act like they can’t. I have been struggling with this since I was 14 years old. I am 37 and ready to be done with the struggle. I know there isn’t a cure but there has to be some kindContinue reading “I am continually one day away from a nervous breakdown”

Sadly thus us how I feel about…

Some of my family right now. Even as a social worker, I am not immune to family drama and hatefulness. it makes me happy I’m am only child but more invested as once my parents and grandma die its just me and my kids. I yelled at my 86 year old grandma today because sheContinue reading “Sadly thus us how I feel about…”

What I did on Christmas Staycation.

Well I can safely say this picture above did not happen. I put off A LOT of Do something today’s while on staycation. One half of my mind things I should be unhappy with myself and the other half doesn’t give a shit. I figure to work it out and make them both happy IContinue reading “What I did on Christmas Staycation.”

Instagram posts

These are some of my instagram posts (non-beauty related) I have posted the last few weeks. You can totally see my headspace is all over the place a lot of the time. Please follow me on any of these social medias Google+: Angela “Makeup Whisperer” Watkins, Twitter: @mke_upwhisperer Tumblr: Facebook: Blog makeup: reading “Instagram posts”

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