Seeing the positives

I received a very kind comment that I am stuck in the negative mind frame. I think the person is right. Sometimes we need others to point the obvious out. So I’m taking a moment to think of the positives. I get paid Tuesday so I can finish Christmas shopping. I get to live anotherContinue reading “Seeing the positives”

Ugh… Looking for positives

Another cruddy day… But instead of wallowing in it I’ve decided to think of positives in my life. I woke up and get to live another day. I have tomorrow off. I have an awesome boss. I have parents and kids that love me. My car started this morning. This morning has went fast. IContinue reading “Ugh… Looking for positives”

Raves and Rants 050314

As much as I agree with the above picture. I am bipolar after all. I can’t have even a conversation with myself where I think about my joys and there isn’t a nagging unhappiness thought. When I am in a better space I might challenge myself to the above. I have tried many times andContinue reading “Raves and Rants 050314”

What I did on Christmas Staycation.

Well I can safely say this picture above did not happen. I put off A LOT of Do something today’s while on staycation. One half of my mind things I should be unhappy with myself and the other half doesn’t give a shit. I figure to work it out and make them both happy IContinue reading “What I did on Christmas Staycation.”

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