1995 Poetry

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My youngest son was going through my cedar chest and found a poem I wrote that got published in a college anthology and performed during the final presentation. I’ve been looking for it awhile so I could share how this pain has been going on so long.

Time’s Actress

The very time that changed the seasons, the years. the eras

Has changed me.

For Good?

Or Evil?

I do not know

I am no longer a Gerber baby.

I am no longer an innocent schoolgirl.

I am no longer a naïve adolescent.

I do not spit up on unsuspecting relatives.

I do not play hopscotch on sunny Days

And I do not believe every man is perfect.

— Lover or not —

I don’t remember being a baby.

I rarely ponder on my childhood.

In my adolescence I remember much more.

I remember being spoiled.

I remember being deprived more.

I remember the love of my mother.

I remember the silence of my father.

I remember happiness but only vaguely.

I remember living every moment of the depression.

I remember the friends.

I remember the name calling.

I remember envisioning the gun.

I remember pulling the trigger.

I remember the pain that did not come from the gun of a sick child’s desire.

Time melts old pains with new ones, and

Time does not heal any of my wounds.

I have found that I have needs

I have wants

I have dreams

I need love

I want success

I dream of death

Not often

But enough to wonder

Would it be better?

No one understands my pain.

I ache

So much some days I can barely function.

And no one knows.

The perfect Actress

The toughest part

Is to be the shadow of the happy me.


I was seventeen when I wrote that. And to think my pain is no better. I hope my son reads it so he knows I understand but he doesn’t seem interested in it. I probably wouldn’t at his age either.


Hindrance – a poem

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I am a hindrance.

I feel it in my bones.

In my mind

I walk like a ghost trying so hard to be real

At every corner lies a hindrance to my dreams

Money fame love acceptance

Beyond my reach

When will I let these wants go and be at peace?

Gingerly – word prompt poetry

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Gingerly I sit and contemplate life

Is it worth living?

The fact is I’m not sure

Gingerly I lay and dream of death

My fear of the unknowing keeps me here

The fear of not existing is greater then death

Gingerly I wait for relief

It is ever evasive

Medication takes the edge off but is no cure

Why can’t we have a cure sweet radiation would be welcomed 

Gingerly I wait to live another day

Peek -daily word prompt poetry

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If you could peek inside my mind

Would you run away or be kind?

I don’t like to be there 

But it’s all I have

Day in and day out

It’s always a grind

So maybe you shouldn’t peek inside my mind

Waiting causes me anxiety

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I’m sitting here waiting for my son to get his tooth filled. Not sure if it’s the wasted time and anger kind of anxiety or sitting in a room full of strangers and feeling alone anxiety. I know it’s a dash of passing the bill as I don’t get paid until the thirtieth and I don’t have the money to pay the bill. Not looking forward to that conversation. Plus worked called and there is more drama I have to deal with tomorrow. It doesn’t even involve me but I got dragged into it. Ugh. I really wish I could afford a less stressful job.


Another randomness is this poem it fits bipolar perfectly and so eloquently. I wish I could write that well.

Do you have any poets to suggest I read?