Stop looking for your passion

I just listened to this and it had me thinking. Am I setting myself up for failure? This year was suppose to be my year for passion yet it’s half way through it and I haven’t found it. In fact it’s causing me to find flaws in myself for not having it. Maybe the ladyContinue reading “Stop looking for your passion”

Current musings

See a theme lol. I just like these memes and find them important for people with borderline personality disorder since we tend to fall hard and can be co dependent. I know I do. I think for me I’m always looking for something to save me… Meds… Therapy… People connections… When I need to findContinue reading “Current musings”

When being bipolar really sucks

So I went from what two hours ago talking about finding passion to self doubt. Or is that more the borderline personality disorder? I think probably more that. Insecurity creeps up and steals your passion. But if it really is my word of the year I need to work through the insecurity and find whatContinue reading “When being bipolar really sucks”

#loveme day seventeen

Makeup feeds my soul. I have a passion for it and even wanted to be a make up artist until I realized I don’t get shading. Cool tones versus warm… Yellow undertones versus pink. Alas it took me spending money on some classes and a trip to Dallas Tx to learn this. I still likeContinue reading “#loveme day seventeen”


Another favorite meme. This is so true. I also think being bipolar makes you so passionate about life things especially when manic. I find since I don’t have much hypomania anymore my passion is diminished but I can respect and enjoy seeing people’s passions. comments, questions, random thoughts leave below and please check out myContinue reading “Passion”

This is me right now

But how do I make it worth it? I swing between passion and self doubt. I go back to see my new pdoc tomorrow for med check. I feel something needs adjusted because I can still feel major blocks of weeks where my mood changes. Right now again klonipone is my best friend. That isContinue reading “This is me right now”

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