Interacting with people

Since the majority of time the last year has been working with people over the phone and interacting with my coworkers through phone or computer screen i forgot how i react to people that aren’t responsive or their usual self i have seen on a computer in real life. I went to the office todayContinue reading “Interacting with people”

I woke up this way again

I’ve have slight paranoia about death again. I’m worried someone i love will die and I’ll be shattered. I just realized the doctor upped my Buspar so maybe that will help. Time will tell. Today I’ve only managed to put makeup on for fun as usual putting off what does need done. I plan onContinue reading “I woke up this way again”


And now I’m paranoid. Ugh. I wish I had a therapist I could call and talk to. Doing it on my own sucks. I’m reaching out to friends and you guys are amazing. It just isn’t the same as no one wants to be a burden. It’s going to be a long weekend I think.Continue reading “paranoia”


I feel ominous today. My anxiety is high thinking something bad is going to happen. There was a blip already this morning but nothing that wasn’t a big deal. I’m obsessed my house is going to catch on fire. It’s a common irrational thought. Yes it could happen but the chances are slim. I haveContinue reading “paranoia”


I’m sitting here feeling a little paranoid realizing everyone I work with talks about everyone else. Even management… It makes me wonder what they say about me that I don’t know but then the other part of me doesn’t want to know. Ignorance is bliss right? Either way my anxiety is high as tomorrow IContinue reading “Realization”

And the depression goes on

I can feel it under the surface. It breaths down my neck and makes me sleepy. It has a bit of paranoia with it. Something I haven’t had in awhile. It sucks more than the depression. Making me second guess everything. I’m not sure what triggered it. I’m doing some soul searching to avoid theContinue reading “And the depression goes on”


All day I’ve been paranoid but not as bad as in the old days. More of a feeling like something bad is going to happen or I’ve forgotten something important. It’s not straight anxiety so I’m thinking a little paranoia. I need this meme to stay grounded. I can overcome this. I know it!

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