Happy new year

My word of the year is embrace. I want to embrace life and even embrace the suck. To work through it and grow stronger mentally. With that being said… I’m majorly struggling right now. So much so im in physical pain in my chest to my soul. I know it’s a moment in time andContinue reading “Happy new year”

What did i accomplish this year 2019

I accomplished a promotion. I did better at self care. I advocated for a better medication cocktail. I went out more. I learned to love myself more and be kinder. I loved harder in general and i survived … or do i dare say thrived. It wasn’t a great year but better than the yearContinue reading “What did i accomplish this year 2019”

Happy New year!

Ok memes out of the way 🙂 all relevant to me right now. Day one of writing a whole new chapter of my life. I’d love to say everything will be awesome and I’m starting the year with fervor. As most of you know I can’t life is on hold at least the month ofContinue reading “Happy New year!”


Last year my word of the year was passion. I struggled to find it all year. But I think as this year’s last day is ending I can say I found it after all. Maybe not in some amazing ways but in small life changing ways. I found love again I don’t isolate I learnedContinue reading “Peace”

A new year

This pretty much sums up my last year. 1- I learned medication isn’t the cure I had hoped for. 2- I think backwards. I lost myself in 2015. I’m going to make 2016 about finding myself. 3- hard to answer. With the amount of medication I was on I think I did good but couldContinue reading “A new year”


I want to believe good things are coming. This year has been a roller coaster. Thank you all who read my blog for sticking with me 😀 I know some days it was down right hell I was living in and others…. Every once in awhile… Were good days. I went from feeling numb toContinue reading “2016”

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