Song therapy… Pink …. BarbiesĀ 

<a href=”;feature=share”>;feature=share</a&gt; This song is what I’m talking about. Tomorrow I turn another year older being who I don’t want to be. I want to go back to playing barbies in my room.

Song a day in May day fourteen *warning vulgar but funny

Happy mother’s day! This song is vulgar and so funny. I decided we can’t be heartfelt all the time sometimes we need some levity. I have a day filled with spending with mom’s so it’ll be busy then back to work. So I’m going to enjoy it. Hope you do too.

Song a day in May day twelve and thirteen I had the flu yesterday so didn’t post. It worked out as these two songs go together. Both these songs are heavily about domestic violence which I find odd rihanna would sing about with her history. I only hope it’s cathartic.  I chose these songs as I feel mental health disorders cause us to beContinue reading “Song a day in May day twelve and thirteen”

A song a day in May day seven

Here’s another staple for when I’m melancholy. This song reminds me of how long it’s been since I felt normal. I do remember a time but it’s been ages ago. I’d give anything to have those days back. On a side note I haven’t been taking my medicine I’ve been forgetting so I’m struggling withContinue reading “A song a day in May day seven”

A song a day in May day ten

This is may tenth right? Anyway I actually would pick the whole album. I constantly listened to it when I was nineteen. When I’m depressed it soothes my soul. It’s like it’s deep but not. This song in particular is always on my song rotation. Why can’t we sleep forever? I just want to startContinue reading “A song a day in May day ten”

A song a day in May day nine

First the obvious… I just got fifty shades darker in the mail so totally on my mind but of all the songs on the soundtrack this song speaks of finding love. I need to find self love that can lift me up when I’m feeling down. I need to be my own superman. I’m alwaysContinue reading “A song a day in May day nine”

Song a day in May day eight

This song use to be me. I was such a flirt before medication and becoming too much into my own mind. I’d flirt with women and men I didn’t care. I had such self confidence. Where did it go? Another aspect I miss.  It’s also a catchy song. And I’m in a good mood soContinue reading “Song a day in May day eight”

Song a day in May day seven

This song speaks to me in so many levels. I often feel broken and lonesome especially when people I love leave. It’s a melancholy song that often fits my mood. And I love the two voices melted together. Broken” I wanted you to know I love the way you laughI wanna hold you high andContinue reading “Song a day in May day seven”

A song day in May day six

This song was my anthem when my ex husband and I split last time. We ended up working it out for another four years. This song doesn’t have the meaning this time as I’m so indifferent but the lyrics still ring true. I get stronger every day being ok with being a divorcee. With theContinue reading “A song day in May day six”

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