No buy April

Last night went well. I’m happy I socialized. It was improv and I tried it. My quick thinking isn’t like it use to be but i put myself out there. Thanks for you all encouraging me. I’ve decided to make April a no buy month. I’ve never done it before but I’ve decided to giveContinue reading “No buy April”

A to z challenge: money

I hate everything to do with money. I hate earning it and I hate how quickly it goes away. I do like spending out so maybe the hate everything was a little dramatic lol. I’ve gotten myself into a financial pickle and I’m not sure how to get out of it. It leads me toContinue reading “A to z challenge: money”

Poetry Jo’s writing challenge day two

Day two of poetry Jo’s challenge. Today’s challenge is your wildest dream if money was no worries. I’m in a better mood today so my dreams are running wild. I’m playing the lottery which is over a billion dollars. Holy cow! What I wouldn’t do with the money. First I’d move to Dallas Texas andContinue reading “Poetry Jo’s writing challenge day two”

Damn you Etsy

I like to spend money I don’t have. Etsy has so many cute things especially makeup my weakness. What is a girl to do? In other news I’m feeling pretty good but I think I’m on the manic side… Very muted… I’m not caring about money and I feel up beat. It is this whatContinue reading “Damn you Etsy”

Therapy sucks

Why can I never find a good therapist? My current one doesn’t know what he’s doing. He has good intentions but I don’t need to be someone’s project I need to discuss real things. Ugh!! I promised myself I’d sick with it but I can’t stand to be in the same room a him. IContinue reading “Therapy sucks”

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