Being vulnerable

Brene brown speaks eloquently of being vulnerable. Today I’ve decided to go there. I have talked many times of lifestyle changes on here only to not have them last. It’s embarrassing. I am unhappy in my weight to the point it makes me paranoid of what people are saying about me. I’m addicted to food.Continue reading “Being vulnerable”

Happy fourth of July

I’m in a really good space right now and I’m enjoying it. Here is a couple of photos i took today on my second favorite holiday. Since i didn’t work today i decided to do something fun makeup wise. Fourth day getting into my passion and i am thankful for that. Hope all is wellContinue reading “Happy fourth of July”


We go for my middle son’s MRI and cancer check. We have to travel three hours away so positive vibes and prayers for safe travels and more importantly that my son’s cancer hasn’t grown. I’m foolishly going with my ex and his girlfriend in the same car. My parents think it’s a bad idea andContinue reading “Tomorrow”

I did this thing and on feeling incompetent

I actually got up early and exercised and put makeup on. I’m not even that tired so go me. I plan on making it a habit. Now for the incompetent part… this job had a way of making me feel incompetent. It always hits me all at once. And yet a part of me doesn’tContinue reading “I did this thing and on feeling incompetent”

When Depression Creeps In

I have been depressed the last two days. It really sucks as I have had so many great days recently. It just reminds me how much this illness take away from your life. You get a taste of happiness then it goes *poof* It just reminds me how people say to choose happiness. I wishContinue reading “When Depression Creeps In”



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Midnight Harmony

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More Than Colouring

Creative recovery from anxiety and depression

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I will remain nameless for privacy reasons but I am here and this is my story, From Psychiatric hospitals to home and back again You are never alone. x