Well that fell flat

I didn’t chicken out and had the conversation with my boyfriend. It went better then i thought yet not the greatest. I’m sure we will talk more about it in the coming weeks. Ultimately i decided i don’t want to move. 1 there is a pandemic going on right now 2 i barely clean myContinue reading “Well that fell flat”


So I’m reading atomic habits and it has me anxious. It’s an amazing book and I’m catching on I’m pretty sure. The thing is at its core is says to change your habits you need to change your beliefs and identify or how you identify with yourself. Don’t just be a someone who runs marathonsContinue reading “Identity”

When past comes in dreams

I just had the most vivid dream that was a mix of perfection and torture. Why must we dream about the past and what can never be? And is best left in dark shadows? I wish i had that machine from the movie i think it’s called something like eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.Continue reading “When past comes in dreams”

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