Thank you

The interview went really well. I hope to know in the next two weeks. Fingers crossed. Other than that i still feel a little mixed. It’s manageable though so that’s a plus. I’m trying to accept things for what they are. I do think some things are worth fighting for but you have to chooseContinue reading “Thank you”


We go for my middle son’s MRI and cancer check. We have to travel three hours away so positive vibes and prayers for safe travels and more importantly that my son’s cancer hasn’t grown. I’m foolishly going with my ex and his girlfriend in the same car. My parents think it’s a bad idea andContinue reading “Tomorrow”

Dare I say it?

I feel happy. It feels weird and not a manic happy either. A true I love myself for me and I love those around me genuinely. Thank you all for sticking by me. I pray it doesn’t get that dark again soon if ever. I knew my antidepressant wasn’t working but seven days on lexaproContinue reading “Dare I say it?”

Feeling a little manic

I realize a moment ago I might be going hypomanic. I have this urge to cut off all my hair and get kittens. The crux of it all is how do I tell if this is just normal silliness or actual mental illness? I also feel slightly agitated and of course love myself. All tellingContinue reading “Feeling a little manic”

I aim to inspire

This meme is why I write this blog. It’s a creative outlet for me too. I work out my issues as well. I’m so thankful to have this community. On a mood note… I feel stabilized today. I’m trying to sit in it and enjoy it. Try not to over think anything and just feelContinue reading “I aim to inspire”

Not good enough

Being on call aggravates my perfectionism at work. It then triggers me to be cranky at home. I don’t take instructions well… Like being asked a simple request… say to put away my dirty dinner plate. It shouldn’t be something personal. But I make it that way. Then I want to binge eat on anythingContinue reading “Not good enough”

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