Watch “Chris Stapleton, P!nk – “Love Me Anyway” | Live from CMA Awards 2019″ on YouTube

I think I’ve shared this song before but i wanted to again. At first i thought this kind of love i wanted with a person. Upon listening to it today i realize it applies to my relationship with myself. Could i still love myself for the choices i make. One particular commenter always tells meContinue reading “Watch “Chris Stapleton, P!nk – “Love Me Anyway” | Live from CMA Awards 2019″ on YouTube”

Let the past be the past

This is where I’m at. I keep thinking of that dream and the what ifs and the does he think of me bs. I’m having sensory memories that are making hard to not obsess. But the past is the past and there is a reason for that. I need to remember that. I’m sure heContinue reading “Let the past be the past”

Dare I say it?

I feel happy. It feels weird and not a manic happy either. A true I love myself for me and I love those around me genuinely. Thank you all for sticking by me. I pray it doesn’t get that dark again soon if ever. I knew my antidepressant wasn’t working but seven days on lexaproContinue reading “Dare I say it?”

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