Walking away

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I have/had a friend who made me a part time priority. Well I asked a simple question and it burned the bridge of friendship. In general I’m relieved as I don’t have the anxiety of wondering when I’ll get a reply but another part is sad and anxious wanting the person to reach out and reconnect.

I’m learning not to settle because I have more self worth then that. I am valuable and loveable.


On my Facebook feed

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These sayings were on my Facebook feed this last weekend. They ate so fitting.

It’s always amazing to me when the universe gives us little reminders to stay the course. I’m so thankful maybe Facebook isn’t all bad lol

Setting goals

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I’ve decided not to set concrete goals for the new year. I’ve already “failed” at two I wanted to set which was waking up earlier and eating better.

I will instead be kinder to myself, more forgiving, and work on having a gratitude heart. I will do my best to make life and thinking simpler. I think that’s a good start and attainable. Some days I’ll probably struggle but that has to be ok. May God bless me and you in the new year.

Happy New year

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So far I’ve not put much thought into my word of the year which is love for this year. I’m just enjoying the day and not thinking too much. I will say I feel proud of myself that I accomplish this life I have every day. It’s far from perfect but I keep fighting on. That’s something right?


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Relationships are hard… Couple that with an invisible illness and It’s near rare to find that perfect fit. I’m trying my best to learn from my mistakes in the past. Sometimes I fail though. I’m not sure what the future holds that’s why I’m hell bent this coming year to love me.


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I took one of those “tests” on Facebook. This particular one was what is your word for 2019. I’d already picked my word so I was curious what it would say and holy cow it came up with my word. Which of you didn’t see the picture above is love.

I’m going to work on falling in love with myself. I’m going to show others unconditional yet with boundaries love.

I’m working on steps to make it happen which I plan on posting closer to new years. But thought I’d go ahead and share something uncanny.