Certain people in my life are plain assholes who don’t get what they do in life impacts others but yet I’m not suppose to care what others think! Well news flash I do. I probably always will when it comes to things I take pride in or I need… like my job. Or people IContinue reading “Assholes”

Throwback Thursday: Medication control

I decided turn back Tuesday sounded dumb. lol I think it’s really suppose to be Throwback Thursday. I thought it’d be a fun segment to do until I run out of drafts. Over a year ago (April 27th to be exact) I wrote… “I wrote the comment below on a blog post from living inContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Medication control”


I’m over sensitive because I want to be perfect. No one is perfect I know this but it doesn’t stop me from beating myself over things especially work related. That was one good thing about being over medicated I did care less. I sit here stewing over work I can’t calm down. Even writing thisContinue reading “Perfection”

To feel special

I’ve always had this obsession to feel special. I remember it as a teenager even. Is this something everyone wants or a borderline personality thing? The older I get the less special I feel. Maybe it’s my self esteem issue. I probably need to find myself special first before someone else can. I need toContinue reading “To feel special”

Ready for the weekend

I have the next four days off with nothing to do. But at least I’m not working 🙂 having some obsessive thoughts so rented a couple movies to keep me busy. Can I call that self care? I forgot if I said yet I made a therapy appt. I think it’ll be good for meContinue reading “Ready for the weekend”

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