staying positive

I had a good therapy session. I told him I wanted to find joy in life. He asked if I can feel any emotions due to my meds. I said not really. Occasionally I have felt rage or serene. He said I need to fake it to make it. When I have an inkling ofContinue reading “staying positive”

joy and anxiety

I’m working hard at staying positive and finding joy in my life. I also keep trying to log my food intake but keep failing. I just can’t get it together. My anxiety has been high. I think it’s my job. Anyway not much to update about but wanted to let you all know I’m stillContinue reading “joy and anxiety”

We got today

I think I take my life for granted. I’m having an existential crisis I think. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think what I can do differently. Really I think I just need to enjoy it more. Have less pity parties and more self kindness. This is a good goal I think. 

feeling good

I’m feeling good this morning. Yesterday flew by so I didn’t get a chance to post anything. It was just a regular day. No drama really. I did dye my hair. Here is before and after. Very different colors lol I’m going to get it cut today and treat myself to some sunglasses. It’s beautifulContinue reading “feeling good”

Inside out

I finally got to watch Disney pixar inside out movie. It was cute but disappointing. I was hoping for some great insight and alas it was just a kids movie. If anything I’m triggered as my joy emotion is broke and the movie pointed it out for me. Silly women I know letting a movieContinue reading “Inside out”

Today’s emotion… Meh

I feel in a rut. The only thing I look forward to is sleep. I’m not even excited for the holidays. Maybe because money is tight. But Christmas use to be my favorite holiday and I feel joyless. I had to skip therapy this week for a work thing. I like  my therapist as heContinue reading “Today’s emotion… Meh”

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