Inspiration and a little bit of a women crush

I discovered a youtube channel called Nina Unrated well over a year ago. She is hella sexy and so honest. What you see is what you get. It was at that time primary makeup based. It has since changed and I love the channel even more. It is more of an advice/support channel then anythingContinue reading “Inspiration and a little bit of a women crush”

Another almost wordless Wednesday

I wrote this actually after a random person i follow in instagram followed me back.  I made this for instagram do i duh had to be vague just in case. Ya know that perSon who started following might have figured it out.  Wtf. .. another narcissist moment that is 95 percent not reality.  (I likeContinue reading “Another almost wordless Wednesday”

Insta meme second edition

These are MEME’s I have screen shot on instagram over the last few weeks. It may seem like I save a copy of everythng but I really don’t. The item needs to be poignant or funny or just plan honest for me to like enough to save. ** Disclaimer: As far as I know theContinue reading “Insta meme second edition”

Instagram posts

These are some of my instagram posts (non-beauty related) I have posted the last few weeks. You can totally see my headspace is all over the place a lot of the time. Please follow me on any of these social medias Google+: Angela “Makeup Whisperer” Watkins, Twitter: @mke_upwhisperer Tumblr: Facebook: Blog makeup: reading “Instagram posts”

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