Happy fourth of July

I’m in a really good space right now and I’m enjoying it. Here is a couple of photos i took today on my second favorite holiday. Since i didn’t work today i decided to do something fun makeup wise. Fourth day getting into my passion and i am thankful for that. Hope all is wellContinue reading “Happy fourth of July”

Dare I say it?

I feel happy. It feels weird and not a manic happy either. A true I love myself for me and I love those around me genuinely. Thank you all for sticking by me. I pray it doesn’t get that dark again soon if ever. I knew my antidepressant wasn’t working but seven days on lexaproContinue reading “Dare I say it?”

Something good

I’m waiting for something good to happen. I might be waiting awhile lol we shall see. I go on call Friday for a week. I’m not looking forward to it but at least I’ll get comp time. I feel panicked but I’m working through it. I think it’s the change that’s messing with me. RoutineContinue reading “Something good”

The crux of bipolar

I think the hardest thing about mental illness is (in my opinion) just sit with happiness or being content. We wait for the inevitable shoe to drop. Something in the universe must be wrong or about to go wrong. I slept almost twelve hours yesterday. I could have slept more but had to go toContinue reading “The crux of bipolar”

Watch “Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (Official Vi…” on YouTube

Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (Official Vi…: https://youtu.be/AJtDXIazrMo This song makes me happy. Just wanted to share. Prof I’m not always gloom and doom and whining 🙂



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