In a better place

I’m not as depressed as i have been so that’s a positive. I think about my career and i just don’t know where to be. I need to make a certain amount and there isn’t jobs like that around. I have too much free time right now. I’m hoping that will change. I do deserveContinue reading “In a better place”

I’m fighting for what?

I’m still in disastrous place. I can’t shake wanting to curl up and die. What am i living for? Well I’m living for my children and my parents and what few friends i have. I write that and I’m living for me too. I deserve a well as anybody to have a life worth living.Continue reading “I’m fighting for what?”

Going to be happy

Happiness is so fleeting. I get glimpses of it then it disappears. Is it making me stronger? I’d like to think so. I’m stronger then three years ago but am I then a month ago? Change comes at a snail pace often. Or I’ve seen it in a lightening strike but that is rare. SomeContinue reading “Going to be happy”

Destined to be unhappy

I wonder if I am destined to be unhappy. Is there something wrong with me that I can’t achieve it. Well I guess there really is due to my mental health but is it a reason or an excuse? Thinking hard on it I think it’s a reason. I didn’t bring it on or askContinue reading “Destined to be unhappy”

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