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Today I’m choosing to be grateful. Now I don’t feel that you can just choose to be happy. I’ve tried but I’m thinking maybe we can choose to be grateful.

I’m grateful that my kids are home safe and had a blast.
I’m grateful I woke up to see another day.
I’m grateful I get to spend some time outside today boating and swimming.
I’m grateful I have a roof over my head.
I’m grateful for this blogging community.

What are you grateful for?

Do you believe this?

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I am on the fence. I think some people are dealt really shitty cards. Some people are just ungrateful for the life they have. I also think being given something that wasn’t your choice like cancer or mental illness gives you the right to be a little bitter. Nobody chooses those things. You can’t go out and buy them. It’s just a bitter pill your forced to swallow. Anyway this meme got me thinking and I wanted others thoughts on it so if you’d share I’d appreciate it.

Writing prompt

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The last couple days have been good. Low anxiety and I’ve accomplished a lot. So I saw this writing prompt and thought I’d use it today.

I’m not going to do ten things I’m grateful for but five… My children, my job, the friends I do have, my husband, and this blogging community.

The perfect day of my dreams is site seeing in Tasmania Australia again. So I guess I’ve had my dream day. But I would love to do it every day.

Something realistic I can do is leaving my house and enjoying what my small town has to offer. Like a nature hike.

I was called vivacious once. I love that word. Something that makes me smile is a hug from my children especially spontaneous. So more an unsaid word.

My favorite thing to do as a kid was read. I don’t read enough any more. I always want to but don’t make a point too.

I challenge anyone who wants a writing prompt to use this one as well. 🙂

My Christmas loot

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Hope everyone us having a warm and safe Christmas. Good bless!
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I want to get to a space where this Ian true for me.

One day as the goal is progress not perfection… Right?  😀