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I paid for my real estate license exam course. I’m excited but scared. I hope it’s just not another bipolar whim. I really don’t think it is but of course we’ve been trained to doubt flipping everything. On the plus side if I don’t pass I get my money back or I have thirty days if I don’t get half way through I get my money back. At some point you have to believe in yourself right?

What I did on Christmas Staycation.

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Well I can safely say this picture above did not happen. I put off A LOT of Do something today’s while on staycation. One half of my mind things I should be unhappy with myself and the other half doesn’t give a shit. I figure to work it out and make them both happy I would make a list of what I did accomplish and what I did not.


  • Must needed rest and relaxation
  • Time spent with my hubby, parents, and children.
  • Made new friends online.
  • Re-arranged my makeup space and bedroom.
  • Read an actual book and started another
  • Window shopped online a ton and spent a little too much also.
  • Gave my kitchen a good scrubbing
  • Reset the master computer in our house
  • Made some Youtube videos
  • Gave my face a rest on the makeup and did a home facial
  • Realized my job is more stressful then I ever realized. (so much so I have had major anxiety all day today)
  • Organized and cropped my meme’s from instagram off my phone and started pages of makeup ideas to print and practice on
  • Watched a lot of tv shows on Netflix

Not Accomplished

  • Making the list of phone calls I wanted to do
  • No business related things that grown ups should do (pay taxes, renew car plates, make my appointment to get my blood drawn on my regular three month appointments)
  • Did not complete the organization of my scrapbook room

Hmmm well the list isn’t too long but of course the stuff I didn’t do were more important stuff. I am going to blame it on the weather and lack of funds due to Christmas. Tomorrow it is back to be a grown up with an important high stress job. Wish me luck 😦

Now to let my Klonopine take over and relax me as I am all nerves going back to the lions den. I can’t think of a good reason even with school cancelled for my children to not go in. Over two weeks off is a long time to be gone on a job. Just I can’t get over the level of anxiety I am experiencing. It is really causing me to pause on my future and my calmness/happiness in life. Too much to think about… wish me luck going to bed as well as for tomorrow! 😀 I am going to need it to shut my mind off. I guess rambling here isn’t helping as I can feel it ramp up and I need to relax. Meditate a little maybe that will help me get some sleep.


Any questions or comments please leave them below. I do appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my blog. Sending positive vibes your way. 😀

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