Whine away the day

I really don’t want to work. I’m having a hard time focusing. I don’t feel unstable just blah. Maybe it’s a bit of depression as I want to stay in bed all day. I feel a little fml today. I went to see about getting a loan but the loan officer couldn’t see me. He’sContinue reading “Whine away the day”


I’m always worried I’ll get into trouble at work. I got a phone call that set my mood from meh to fml. I need to calm down as I’m sure it won’t be a big deal but to me… I see it as not being perfect so it set me off. I want to mentallyContinue reading “Trouble”

Self esteem

I’m having anxiety over next weekend. I’m suppose to go out with my friends for my birthday. I haven’t went out dancing in over two years and easily fifty pounds lighter. All I can think of is how drunk I need to get to not care that I won’t be hit on. Is that stupid?Continue reading “Self esteem”

Today was a day until it wasn’t

I was having a decent day until a round of text messages. Now I’m annoyed and anxious. And right before bedtime. Grrr why can’t a conversation just be that? Why can’t I take it at face value without dissecting and turning it into an ordeal in my mind. I know I’m whining but I feelContinue reading “Today was a day until it wasn’t”

Freaked out

Last week my kids said they saw me in town but I work forty minutes away. Today my dad said when he went to visit my neighbor he saw my car parked in the drive. He was going to say hi when he left but the car was gone. Again I’m at work forty minutesContinue reading “Freaked out”

Misery loves company

I didn’t realize how unhappy I am until yesterday. I had wishes for misery on another person. Not really wishes I guess but more that I wasn’t alone in mine. She was talking about her life and unhappiness and I liked it. I feel so ashamed but it’s the truth. So I am doubly unhappyContinue reading “Misery loves company”

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