Emotional cutting today

And I can’t stop. My brain keeps looping to this incident years and years ago. I have no contact with the co workers nor will I add I live in a different state. I just kept thinking they probably thought I was a loser cuz I thought it cool to call this lady at aContinue reading “Emotional cutting today”

Once again I’m struggling

I can’t shake this cloud. I feel I’m making poor choices and I care but the not giving a Damn is in full working order. What is reality and truth and what is false people and reality. The longer the week goes the darker my feelings and the more I act out. It’s emotional cuttingContinue reading “Once again I’m struggling”

Is emotional cutting the worst kind of cutting?

I just emotionally cut open a soul wound that always seeps a little I really hate myself  I should have known better. I’m going to go keep busy before I make more poor choices. ——————————— I wrote these words a week ago. I’m much better now I’m oddly thankful I was travelling and have aContinue reading “Is emotional cutting the worst kind of cutting?”

May 2014 — Mental Health Awareness month

MHM 2014 – Mind Your Health Poster Calendar   Grrrr I wanted the link above to be a picture within the post. It won’t but if you click on the link it will bring up a calendar created by Mental Health America Today we are to pick out a class to take. Well where IContinue reading “May 2014 — Mental Health Awareness month”

romantic movies and novels are Bullshit!

Ha how is that for a title.  Yesterday I reblogged a post a wonderful writer wrote about emotional cutting.  You can find the original here. It has me thinking and realizing all kinds realizations. I have for years ranted how movies and books make horrible expectations of love and romance. No one can live upContinue reading “romantic movies and novels are Bullshit!”

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