Once again in my dreams

It appears the past ruminations i use to be thrown into anxiety over are showing up in my dreams. Once again last night i had past scenarios play out in my dreams. For the most part i have stopped mind fucking myself with what ifs of the past. It seems my dreams didn’t get theContinue reading “Once again in my dreams”

When past comes in dreams

I just had the most vivid dream that was a mix of perfection and torture. Why must we dream about the past and what can never be? And is best left in dark shadows? I wish i had that machine from the movie i think it’s called something like eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.Continue reading “When past comes in dreams”

More dreams wth

I kept dreaming last night i was not allowed to leave the psych hospital.  I was being treated well but i couldn’t figure out why others got to leave when i was “being a good girl” it was bizarre.  Then i was able to get out and i went to a store that sold secondContinue reading “More dreams wth”

Did i deserve it?

I keep having dreams that are just tortuous in regards to the why. Bringing up the past in unproductive ways. It’s like i need a dream seance to ward against these senseless thoughts. Maybe i need to work on letting go of the why i have them and accept that they just exist in myContinue reading “Did i deserve it?”

Well hell

Im sitting here still loving myself but feeling overwhelmed. I think it’s my dreams from last night sticking with me. I often have dreams of being late to work or forgetting something. I feel ineffective and worthless. Which is odd since i have this feeling of love too. It’s like two sides battling and it’sContinue reading “Well hell”

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