Confidence versus doubt

I am not the most confident person we all know that. I feel i have made good strides in being more confident. Im today proud of myself. I do have doubts though they are images usually of past things I’ve done. If i could learn to let go of these thoughts I’d be less anxiousContinue reading “Confidence versus doubt”

Struggling ***possible triggers

I don’t know what to do with myself now that I’ve taken away my number one coping mechanism. I’m doing good at sticking with my detox and not binging.though I do feel like a bartender who is in court ordered AA. My first day at work since dieting… don’t care that is what it isContinue reading “Struggling ***possible triggers”

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the strongest smile is the one that holds back a tough girls tears. #mentalhealth #recovery From service user to staff nurse but always a stigma warrior...