My feelings are hurt and i don’t know what to do

I got this text at 521 am from my ex husband. I believe it stems from my not allowing our son to go on vacation because i can’t trust him to not drink and drive with the child. Also my youngest doesn’t want to go. So instead of putting the child in the middle iContinue reading “My feelings are hurt and i don’t know what to do”

I’ll take another shot of fml

Ex made scene at hospital with the help of my mom. Awesome. I’m getting a cold again that’s settling into my chest. Wonderful. I am not doing well at telling myself no. Spending or food consumption. I want a nap and three months off work… Sigh a girl can dream.


Anxiety is a bitch. I need to get focused but I can’t care. Maybe the drugs are working too well. Leaving me with just a smidgen of anxiety that makes me ineffective. I realized next week I should be divorced. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Mainly I think relieved. But then IContinue reading “Anxiety”

Crap week

This last week ended up being super crap filled. Here’s the run down in brief… My therapist made me think he cared then didn’t My ex put in parenting plan he only wants one weekend a month… Who asks for less time? Work in general is stressful Friday night the work stress went into overdriveContinue reading “Crap week”


I don’t know if I’m still just to foggy from being sick or if my give a damn is broke today. I feel ambivalent to everything today. My ex text me I actually had the balls to tell him to talk to my lawyer because he’s been dragging his feet on this divorce. I thinkContinue reading “Ambivalent”

What I’m not thankful for

This cold I have The boredom I felt at lunch The fact my soon to be ex husband is in Oregon on vacation instead of paying child support for months. The fact I’m even writing this post. I can’t vape right now or I choke on the smoke almost twenty four hours workout nicotine. I’mContinue reading “What I’m not thankful for”

It’s Friday

I’m ready for the weekend. I have a few things planned. Just got to get through today. My mood is weird I’m in a good mood but stressed. So there is a line of tension. I went home early yesterday and slept all day. I think my body needed it.  The ex finally got aContinue reading “It’s Friday”


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