Well … is it a wasted day?

I’ve done nothing today but spend money. .. look at Facebook and take a nap. Freaking housework totally not done argh. I can’t say i feel bad for it BUT it does slightly annoy me. I’m praying this is a good week. I could use a week where i am less stressed. Tomorrow i talkContinue reading “Well … is it a wasted day?”

After all a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life

Yes a third post lol over all my day was fine. I still wish I’d not had work today but i got my quota of people in (which i think is silly to have a production goal when dealing with people but it is what it is) and not very much time but I’ve beenContinue reading “After all a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life”

Why am i up so early?

It seems like my internal clock made a new years resolution without me. I have been waking up at 630 every morning to include most weekends. I use to snooze the alarm until i was almost late logging onto my work computer. It’s weird and i don’t hate it. I prefer waking up not toContinue reading “Why am i up so early?”

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