Rants and Raves Edition 03/11/14

I wanted to share this photo of my beautiful family who love me unconditionally — I know not everyone has that kind of grace and I am grateful. So I’ve been thinking about negatives and positives I have going on right now. Neg: I didn’t get the job I wanted Pos: I think it isContinue reading “Rants and Raves Edition 03/11/14”

Is the Fog Really Lifting?

Only four days on my new med and my mind is calming. It is very surreal. I have barely touched my Klonopine. This is a severe change as I never ran out of it in the month BUT I was slowing using up all my as needed reserve just to calm myself through the day.Continue reading “Is the Fog Really Lifting?”

Boy You Really Find Out Who Your Friends Are

I told a select few about my diagnosis and how happy I am that I really feel I was diagnosed correctly. The females were kind and understanding. The males were either meh or wanted to “lecture” me that Bi-polar is a generic favorite diagnosis now a days… like PTSD is or years ago schizophrenia was.Continue reading “Boy You Really Find Out Who Your Friends Are”

I have Bi Polar II

So I left off the other day talking about how I am on the brink of a nervous breakdown. I talked with my psychiatrist and made him get me some kind of help. It is amazing how at first it was like they didn’t want to do anything for me. His nurse told me toContinue reading “I have Bi Polar II”

Semi Wordless Wednesday.

Any questions or comments please leave them below. I do appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my blog. Sending positive vibes your way.  Please follow me on my social media sites. I  am on my beauty youtube channel, beauty blog, tumblr, twitter, FB, google+, personal blog, youtube vlog, and instagram.


  I am fighting off a major bout of depression. I have increasing sensations and thoughts of my usual coping mechanism and it makes it hard to hide it too often. I feel lonely and hopeless and stuck in this rut of mediocrity I do not want to be part of. I know I amContinue reading “Depression”

Healthy body and healthy mind

This blog is for my personal journey. Well I’ve come road Crossroads were I’ve spent too much time being unhappy which had effected my weight. Its like the chicken or the egg… Which came first? The depression caused the weight gain or did the weight gain cause the depression. So now thus blog will haveContinue reading “Healthy body and healthy mind”

Zero to Hero Day Three

Day three’s assignment was: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog. I decided it has been months since I started this blog and I can’t remember the exact reason why other then I wanted to be done with my anonymous blog that was keeping me negative and startContinue reading “Zero to Hero Day Three”

Instagram posts

These are some of my instagram posts (non-beauty related) I have posted the last few weeks. You can totally see my headspace is all over the place a lot of the time. Please follow me on any of these social medias Google+: Angela “Makeup Whisperer” Watkins, Twitter: @mke_upwhisperer Tumblr: http://themakeupnphotowhisperer.tumblr.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makeupandphotowhisperer Blog makeup: http://themakeupslashphotographywhisperer.wordpress.com/Continue reading “Instagram posts”

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