I woke up this way again

I’ve have slight paranoia about death again. I’m worried someone i love will die and I’ll be shattered. I just realized the doctor upped my Buspar so maybe that will help. Time will tell. Today I’ve only managed to put makeup on for fun as usual putting off what does need done. I plan onContinue reading “I woke up this way again”

Pondering death — tw

The title is not about my suicidal ideation for once. Though now that I think about it I haven’t had much of it as an overall thought. It’s about me sitting here at my new job watching over someone who is dying. I’ve only been around one person who was dying and that’s been yearsContinue reading “Pondering death — tw”


My uncle died at 7:55 this morning. Thank you for your support. I know he’s no longer suffering. This event has triggered depression in me. I think mainly because I can’t cry very well and the whole death is so final thing. I don’t want to make it about me but well it is myContinue reading “Depression”

Immortality and death

My uncle is dying. He has had cancer for years and is finally succumbing to it. I’m not close to him but my dad and grandma are so I see their sadness and it hurts. Besides the fact to watch someone die is a long tortuous act. Most of the time I feel immortal. IContinue reading “Immortality and death”

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