December 9 2019

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We’re all want to be part of a community to feel connected. I love this community. It has been great to me and i try to give back when i can. Im also part of a community of social workers which is a hard job. It has lots of burn out and for me makes it harder to make friends.

In the new year I’d like to find another community to belong to… just not sure which one.

What communities do you belong to?

Heavy stuff

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I wanted to let you all know I think you kick ass. Good for us to get up about every day and try. Some days we succeed and some days we sputter but we still survive. I know how tenuous some moments are in the surviving but it’s being done so may we all find a little peace.

Poignant picture

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Being bipolar I never know what face I will be when I wake up or when my face will switch like a multi colored light. I sometimes miss the bubbly part of me I feel medication takes away but then I have moments when I am carefree and say something outrageous then regret it. I am so over critical of myself. I see that even more now as I work through a dialectical therapy workbook. This year I think my gift to myself will be to be more forgiving towards me. Hmmm… yes I like that. 😀

I have an idea…

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And was wondering if anyone would like to do a monthly themed post. Some theme that we share our thoughts on and each other’s blogs.

The first one I think that would be a good start off one is ennegrams. It’s a personality test that I’ve found to be spot on with myself and when I did it as a therapy with delinquent teen age boys.

A decent basic site to take a mini test is here.

I am a two helper. I fit most pros and cons.

Let me know if interested 🙂 social dot worker dot Angela at gmail dot com or leave a comment.

Either way research it as it’s a great therapy tool.

comments, questions, random thoughts leave below and please check out my social media sites! I appreciate you all! !!!

Who doesn’t love awards? :D

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I was nominated by ecteedoff for the Liebster Award. i feel extra lucky as there was only 7 nominated

The rules of this award are as follows:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you. — Done

2. Answer the 11 questions they gave you. — Done

3. Nominate 11 other blogs with less than 200 followers. — Done

4. Let those blogs know that you nominated them by leaving a comment on their blog. — will do after this goes live.

5. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer. — Done


Here are my 11 questions to answer.

  1. Why do you blog? What do you hope to achieve through your blog (if anything)? I have always been into some kind of writing. I did crappy poetry in high school. While going through a separation with my husband, i needed an outlet to deal with all the feelings I felt. It was anonymous and I have since deleted it, I took some time off then when I got to my last straw in my mental illness choas I decided to embrace the good and the bad,… to de-stigmatize, if possible, the joys and pain of it all and to show that you can live a fairly messed up but successful life. Or maybe not we shall see 😀 I also like it to be able to keep a record of my highs and lows. 
  2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Australia. I was there for six weeks and almost moved there but for various reasons never did. I have never felt more at peace than when I was in Tasmania. 
  3. If you could choose any profession, what would it be? I thought I had finally discovered my calling with social work. I feel I am great at it BUT it is getting to be too stressful. I now want to be a freelance makeup artist. My psych eval said that i tend to not stick with things and have grand thoughts career wise without real follow through. And I find that to be true for the most part BUT I am actually starting to get work in it. So … maybe a psych eval is not the end off of how you really are in life 😀
  4. What is one quality you insist all of your true friends must have? Wow great question. I was going to say loyalty BUT I think understanding. 
  5. What is on your iPod on constant repeat right now? Slow me down by Sara Evans.
  6. What is your favorite website to peruse? My beauty blogs I follow on
  7. What is your favorite sound? A cat purring.
  8. What is your favorite word? Fuck
  9. Who is your role model and why? THe Rock AKA Dwayne Johnson. He is hot as hell, has charisma and just seems to be a genuine caring guy. 
  10. If you could go back in time, when, where, and why?  This one is always hard for me. Today I am feeling like I would go back to the sixteenth century and be an aristocrat and jolly and frivolous. the why is because I am wanting to believe it was just like those cheesy romance novels I love to read, lol
  11. What is an interesting talent you have? (I found this question hard, but maybe you can figure it out.) I can kareoke Beasty Boys Whatcha Want like no one’s business!


Here are my nominations.. some folks may be over cuz I have issues telling exactly the stats. Thank you ecteedoff for trying to help me.

  1. A Bipolar’s Reality — very thought provoking posts.
  2. Penned by Opal Noire — brand new and very raw.
  3. a2eternity — I just discovered this blog and the writer makes me uneasy — in a good make me look internally at my thinking process uneasy. I am excited to read the journey.
  4. divorcingbpd — another newly discovered blog. It gives me insight into how someone who has children and is/was in a relationship with someone who has BPD is dealing with the chaos of the disorder.
  5. Saving Mommy — super sweet blogger. I want her to be my sister 😀
  6. A song for recovery — this blog gives me hope I can recover,
  7. Always we Begin again — I just discovered this blog and I think it will be good for practical things to do … like trigger work and journaling,
  8. The Other Side of the Apple — is a new blog that I think will be a good thinker kind of blog.
  9. Crazy after all — I can totally relate to the writer of this blog.
  10. Finding anxiety Cure — another new to me blog. I can always use tips on controlling anxiety and I look forward to garner wasys through this sharing blog.
  11. Glen to the point— This blog fascinates me and I am not sure how I fee about it (in a mostly good way lol)


And whomever decides to answer here are my questions for you,

  1. What was your best year and why?
  2. How did you decide the name of your blog?
  3. What book would you recommend to read or a movie to watch? And why?
  4. Do you believe recovery is possible? (I ask this due to the kind blogs I picked)
  5. When you have trouble falling asleepo what do you do?
  6. Do you have a hobby and how did you decide on it?
  7. Do you have social media you’d like people to follow?
  8. If you could meet anyone on the planet who would it be?
  9. Last meal you ate what did you have?
  10. Do you have any pets?
  11. DO  you have a favorite commercial (like I love the snickers ones)

Ok so that is it. I hope you check out these other blogs. It’s all about community right? 😀