30 day writing challenge day one

My middle name is Marie. I like it though it’s common for girls born in the seventies. I don’t think it was chosen for any particular reason. Thigh my first name Angela was based on the rolling stones song Angie and the black panther Angela Davis. I think that’s pretty cool! Edited to add IContinue reading “30 day writing challenge day one”

100 word challenge

I was nominated by getting through anxiety for the 100 word challenge. Here I go… Taylor looked into the coffin. He thought to himself how much he hated the person laying in her death finest. How he was left behind to pick up the pieces. There are two girls to raise without a mother. LifeContinue reading “100 word challenge”

3 Days 3 quotes day 2

“People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway.” โ€”Mother Teresa I am all those things yet I want to be loveable. Often I feel I am unloveable which adds to the depression and sense of emptiness. I know I am capable of love and wish to make others feel loved. I fall short tooContinue reading “3 Days 3 quotes day 2”

Three days three quotes day one

I got nominated by elusive trope thank you so much! Here is my first quote I wish I believed in happiness. I use to but the older I get the harder it is to believe in like Santa Claus. I do think the sentiment of the quote is important. You have to find your ownContinue reading “Three days three quotes day one”

Writing prompt

The last couple days have been good. Low anxiety and I’ve accomplished a lot. So I saw this writing prompt and thought I’d use it today. I’m not going to do ten things I’m grateful for but five… My children, my job, the friends I do have, my husband, and this blogging community. The perfectContinue reading “Writing prompt”

#loveme day twenty eight the finale

I’ve learned life isn’t so bad. Some days were a struggle to find the positive but I did my best. I skipped the secret day because I decided I’m not ready to share my secret. Other then that I learned I could stick with something longer than a week. ๐Ÿ™‚

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