Great news

For those that follow my son’s story his tumor is about one centimeter big. It didn’t grow and we don’t have to go back for another MRI for a year. We’ve been doing them every six months about for the last three or four years son this is awesome news. Also the Dr said nextContinue reading “Great news”


My uncle died at 7:55 this morning. Thank you for your support. I know he’s no longer suffering. This event has triggered depression in me. I think mainly because I can’t cry very well and the whole death is so final thing. I don’t want to make it about me but well it is myContinue reading “Depression”

Immortality and death

My uncle is dying. He has had cancer for years and is finally succumbing to it. I’m not close to him but my dad and grandma are so I see their sadness and it hurts. Besides the fact to watch someone die is a long tortuous act. Most of the time I feel immortal. IContinue reading “Immortality and death”

Half hour

In a half hour I staff with my supervisor. I’ll let you know my mood afterwards. Right now is slight anxiety helped by klonopine. It’s funny how just a half hour can change everything. Hell even a minute. One choice can make all the difference. I remember the day my son was diagnosed with cancerContinue reading “Half hour”

Cancer sucks

My son’s cancer is stable meaning there is something lighting up on his scans but they are not sure if still cancer or scar tissue. We go back to waiting to see if it grows. I’m heartbroken. This has spun me into a depression. Coupled with work stress it’s too much. I’m desperate for relief.Continue reading “Cancer sucks”


I’m waiting for my son’s MRI to be done. It’s going over time wise and I’m worried.  I signed up for the DNA test for bipolar. I’m excited. I hope I get picked.  Therapy went well. Though he didn’t seem to know how deep we could go in the aspect that bipolar is chemical soContinue reading “Waiting “

Update on today

I’ve had a whirlwind day. First I had to take my middle son to er for weak legs. It was decided it had nothing to do with the mesh graft or cancer. It was his potassium and might be a genetics thing that runs in my family. We go to the pediatrician tomorrow for aContinue reading “Update on today”


My son will have brain surgery at the end of May. The Dr wants the effects of the steroids to wear off and not have him miss school. I have a feeling it will be sooner as he is already having headaches and fevers which off steroids will most likely escalate. Time will tell. UltimatelyContinue reading “update”

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