I’m excited

I wish my excitement was over getting the job but I haven’t heard anything. But it is over the little mini vacation I’m taking back to my home town. I haven’t been on a vacation in years. I’m so excited! I’m going with my mom and younger two kids. I’ve decided to set boundaries withContinue reading “I’m excited”

Just little o me

I have seen that I have several new followers so I thought I’d do a get to know me post. Most if not all will be known to my long time followers but sometimes a refresher is good right? Lol I’m a mom of three boys. Two struggle with their own mental health. One isContinue reading “Just little o me”

Nervous wreck

I’m a nervous wreck on not knowing if I got this job or not. I figured since I want it so bad I won’t get it. But then I’m like that’s silly thinking. Still it’s got my anxiety up. They said it’d be a couple of weeks before I heard anything so I need toContinue reading “Nervous wreck”

In my sleep

Does panic attacks come with mania? I woke up from a dead sleep panicked about potentially getting this new job. How I can’t do it and I will probably fail. This lead to panic over something else I truly can’t remember but I know it was two fold. I took my klonopine to settle downContinue reading “In my sleep”

Yep I’m manic

I want to have a one night stand and go out and dance. I want to crawl out of my skin and be one with the universe. I am also thinking of a lot of regrets and guilt. But then instead of my usual telling myself I’m a piece of shit it’s Yolo I loveContinue reading “Yep I’m manic”

Up and down

I feel like I’m taking a turn upward in mood. I feel happy. I love this mood but it never lasts long enough. I want to cuddle and kiss everybody but it’s not acceptable at work lol. A sure sign of some hypo mania. I could run ten miles of my body would let me.Continue reading “Up and down”

Not sure

I’m not sure how I feel today. I know I don’t want to be here in this cubicle. I want to be in bed sleeping. I’m thinking I’m depressed but I don’t feel sad. I have some ideation but it’s fleeting. I just don’t know. And that kinda sucks. How can you combat something yourContinue reading “Not sure”


I am feeling needy and unloved today. Why is it other people can find kindred spirits and it eludes me. I need a night out with friends then I realize I don’t have any. My life feels meaningless. I’m a failure. Yet I write those words and they ring false in my ear. I knowContinue reading “Unloved”


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