A must read

So far I firmly believe the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Is really finally a book that is hitting home for me. It’s a little hard to get some concepts at first as he is very figurative where my mind wants to go literal but I just read a section that essentially said thatContinue reading “A must read”

Girl interrupted

This is my favorite scene in the movie. I attempted to watch it today but it kept skipping. I should get the book since I know more about borderline personality disorder. I think it would be enlightening. I had it once before but didn’t grasp how personal it was to me. I feel better today.Continue reading “Girl interrupted”

Writing prompt

The last couple days have been good. Low anxiety and I’ve accomplished a lot. So I saw this writing prompt and thought I’d use it today. I’m not going to do ten things I’m grateful for but five… My children, my job, the friends I do have, my husband, and this blogging community. The perfectContinue reading “Writing prompt”


I’m feeling down. People are a disappointment. I don’t understand human nature and I don’t think my expectations are too high. This is why it’s better to self isolate. You can’t be hurt or disappointed. I want to feel special. That’s all I’ve wanted out of life. I am probably expecting too much. I’m readingContinue reading “Disappointment”

romantic movies and novels are Bullshit!

Ha how is that for a title. ¬†Yesterday I reblogged a post a wonderful writer wrote about emotional cutting. ¬†You can find the original here. It has me thinking and realizing all kinds realizations. I have for years ranted how movies and books make horrible expectations of love and romance. No one can live upContinue reading “romantic movies and novels are Bullshit!”

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