#blogtober20 whenever whatever

I’m back to post as I’ve kept up so far why not keep going even though i struggle with these prompts. Today is a whenever whatever kind of day. As stated previously I’ve got a bad attitude. Whenever i think of whatever it doesn’t help. I think some days we just need a bad attitude.Continue reading “#blogtober20 whenever whatever”

#blogtober20 can’t get you out of my head

Well this title for me should be i can’t get out of my head though today is better. I sleep through two alarms but thankfully woke up in time. I’m just trying to stay busy. I keep thinking it’s Friday. When i get caught up in my head its a mess. I don’t know howContinue reading “#blogtober20 can’t get you out of my head”

#blogtober20 never ever

Never ever have i felt truly content in a job. I don’t know what my dream job is anymore. I was going to do a list of never Evers but past the one above I’m not sure. I would like to play the game with friends but you’d need a big group and welp… ForContinue reading “#blogtober20 never ever”

#blogtober20 don’t look back in anger

I get angry at myself and the world once in awhile. I’ve even been angry at God. Today I’m just blah. I like feeling angry as it’s an emotion for the living. Though i don’t stay there long as I’m more apathetic then anything. It’s cold and dreary here today. I want to be curledContinue reading “#blogtober20 don’t look back in anger”

#blogtober20 some might say

Some might say I’ve changed so much. I’m more introverted. I lack self esteem. I don’t reach out like i should. It’s officially my birthday today. Thank you for all the well wishes yesterday. I’m feeling rather lonely. I wish i had a big family to hang out with but then that doesn’t guarantee unconditionalContinue reading “#blogtober20 some might say”

#blogtober20 Saturday night

I’m going to do a big Ole nothing on my Saturday night. I sit here thinking of I’m ok with it and I’m really not. Tomorrow is my birthday and i really wish i had friends to celebrate it with. My parents aren’t even making a cake as we had a joint birthday party lastContinue reading “#blogtober20 Saturday night”

#blogtober20 holiday

I could totally use a holiday right now. Somewhere sunny with a beach. But that’s not happening any time soon. My mood is OK though the anxiety is back at least I’m not having suicidal thoughts. I’m looking forward to two days off. I like this quote as i need to remember my bipolar isContinue reading “#blogtober20 holiday”

#blogtober20 all that she wants

It took me this many days to realize the prompts in following are song related. Anyway… all i really want is some peace that life will be better. I realized I’m scared to do therapy. I thought i wanted to dig deep but what if it’s too dark down there? I don’t want so manyContinue reading “#blogtober20 all that she wants”

#blogtober20 wannabe

This probably goes without saying but i wannabe without mental health issues. I want everyone to be free of them. I start therapy tomorrow. I’m hoping for the best. I know i need it. Got to get some of these cobwebs out. I talked to my boss and she was accommodating so that’s great. MyContinue reading “#blogtober20 wannabe”

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