I’m at my wits end

I am struggling with balancing my work and I think the bpd more then the bipolar but I am in a depression so not sure. My friend says I can get on partial disability and on some affordable care insurance. Has anyone had luck with any of that. My job is toxic for my mentalContinue reading “I’m at my wits end”

What I do when I can’t act out!

Try to take my dark highly dyed dark red hair and make it blonde. This is the project I attempted today so I didn’t over eat… make hyper sexual decisions… or drink. I think I like it but not sure. I know the foundation is way too light now with the lighter hair. I willContinue reading “What I do when I can’t act out!”


I found these on facebook today and I felt they are so true to any mental illness. I know the top one is the worst for me. I need to print it off and keep it in my wallet! I am sorry I haven’t gotten or taken time to catch up on everyone’s blogs. AsContinue reading “Truth”

This is so cute!

I got hardly no sleep last night and I’m surprised I’m not falling over but I am exhausted. I am in call this weekend. I have to take my son to see his friend in hospital. My mom had surgery on her pace maker today and it went ok. I’m waiting for my husband toContinue reading “This is so cute!”

Really struggling right now

I had a busy stressful work week but I have been feeling good. Tonight some drama in our family happened. Part of the drama was reassuring … my son took a chance and came to me on a serious problem…. but because I feel others pain to much it had spun me into a pityContinue reading “Really struggling right now”

Facebook Community Secret Group

I never meant for this blog to be all about me. I can’t deny it has been so helpful for me to talk through things or vent or use it to try to point out life positives. I want it to be a resource as well. I know in my current low cycle I amContinue reading “Facebook Community Secret Group”

Struggling ***possible triggers

I don’t know what to do with myself now that I’ve taken away my number one coping mechanism. I’m doing good at sticking with my detox and not binging.though I do feel like a bartender who is in court ordered AA. My first day at work since dieting… don’t care that is what it isContinue reading “Struggling ***possible triggers”

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