Still here plugging along

Life has evened out a bit. I feel so busy with set hours and having to get off at five every night. I am thinking of starting a resin Etsy business and my fear of failing and just overall gumption is not having me really do it other then to freaking buy things for it.Continue reading “Still here plugging along”

Old thought patterns

I just can’t leave things well enough alone. I’m searching for something anything to feel alive and yet I know just living is enough right? Doing my best always trying to be a better me. Interacting with people and making friends comes with a lot of expectations I place on myself. I enjoy having theContinue reading “Old thought patterns”

Welp my new journey awaits

Today I start my new job. I am 90% confident and 10% apprehensive. Every contact I’ve had with them has been wonderful so that’s a blessing. I am working on radical acceptance as suggested in a comment and thank you to all who commented in my last post. I am worthy. I know today willContinue reading “Welp my new journey awaits”

Do you leave things unsaid

It’s 4:07 in the morning again. Just woke up from a horribly vivid dream and I’m angry. Life isn’t what it should be. I have two days left of this job. I’m debating on telling the lady off as to why I’m leaving. Then I think is it necessary? It’s a toxic environment and peoplesContinue reading “Do you leave things unsaid”

Sunday morning musings

This week for the most part has been perfect. I was on a staycation. And I didn’t get even close to what I wanted to accomplish BUT that’s ok. I made up for it in fuzzy warm feelings. My boyfriend has been here since Wednesday. My oldest was here two days and that meant otherContinue reading “Sunday morning musings”

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