I need to remember this. Everything has a season and it too will pass. I can feel my depression ebbing away. Just in time for a work week. Thankful for that. Now if I can just start getting up earlier to do my makeup I’d like that. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. 🙂 sweetContinue reading “Beautiful”

#loveme day seventeen

Makeup feeds my soul. I have a passion for it and even wanted to be a make up artist until I realized I don’t get shading. Cool tones versus warm… Yellow undertones versus pink. Alas it took me spending money on some classes and a trip to Dallas Tx to learn this. I still likeContinue reading “#loveme day seventeen”

Just Believe

  As I continue to mood swing and hate myself. I am working on improving my health overall. My Dad offered to pay for two months of nutrisystem for me and him. I am extremely grateful. I want to feel healthier. This first week is a total detox. No fruit or pre paid desserts etc.Continue reading “Just Believe”

Zero TO Hero Challenge 4: Meet the Neighbors

      The challenge today is to find five blogger to follow. I am linking the five to share just in case you would want to follow them as well. MyNDTalk — This blog states it is commentary on anxiety and mental health. My son and myself struggle with extreme anxiety so I amContinue reading “Zero TO Hero Challenge 4: Meet the Neighbors”

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