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December 3 2019

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Today is about kindness. I struggle as im sure many of you follow me knows this with being kind to myself.

It’s important to be kind to everyone and especially yourself. This is about self care and the idea that we are all human with human reactions. So just be nice to yourself.

This could be taking walk or eating that chocolate without guilt. Think about how you would support a friend and do the same for you.

Do you struggle with being kind to yourself?

Dear Angela

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I am having my twenty year high school reunion this year. I’m on the fence about going. I haven’t went to a single one. It isn’t like I don’t have good memories. I was liked well enough by everyone. I even got voted into two most likely categories. So I guess in the whole high school hierarchy that’s pretty good.

Anyway the thought of it all makes me want to write a letter to my eighteen year old self. Here it goes.

Dear Angela,

Your life will be a roller coaster. You won’t know why until your mind spirals so out of control you want to die. But you have years to enjoy before that happens.

To help you enjoy it remember these things….
1. People are for crap including you. You will be selfish and unkind and everything you didn’t want to be at eighteen. Can you blame it on being undiagnosed bipolar? Who knows but be kind as it will eat you alive later in life.
2. Your mantra of living life without regret is bullshit. You will have lots of regrets. I got to say nice try to justify being young and capricious. It well backfire
3. Men are men. Don’t try to understand them or change them. Quit being attracted to alcoholics. They are not fixer uppers. No one likes being fixed.
4. You are special. You don’t need anyone else to validate that. Appreciate yourself and your uniqueness. Ultimately you are a good person just human.
5. Be forgiving. Life is not black and white. You will need to be forgiven more than you forgive. Most importantly forgive yourself because you are the most unkind to yourself. Don’t make an enemy of your mind.

I’m sure the list can go on but this is a good starting point. The main point is to be kind. Everyone can use kindness.

What would you tell your younger self?