Ugh how to stop my negative thoughts

So last night my mind started in with negative thoughts of past grievances and me not being worthy. It hasn’t gotten better. I don’t understand my mind. I feel trapped in this abusive relationship that gets better then turns so quickly. My soul hurts. I just want to have a life where i feel safeContinue reading “Ugh how to stop my negative thoughts”

Today I’ve been giving grace

Today i gave myself grace. I picked up my planners and played in them. I spent money i didn’t need to but hey I’m not broke. I’m reading the four agreements again along with my habit book. I still have a lot to get motivated to do yet if i don’t it’ll be ok. TodayContinue reading “Today I’ve been giving grace”

Self sabotage

Meds are working as best they can.  I don’t feel depressed or without joy.  Yet as usual they are not a cure for bipolar.  Nor are they able to “fix” self sabotage or maladaptive thinking patterns.  I know I’ve been talking of change a lot.  I just want to use this good med cocktail toContinue reading “Self sabotage”

Hi anxiety my old frenemy

So today the anxiety is back. Work related and money related. I am trying not to take any medicine for it and breath work through it. I have a work ethical dilemma and no matter how i play it out it’s a lose lose situation. I just want people to do their jobs and notContinue reading “Hi anxiety my old frenemy”

A place for everything and everything in it’s place

I am very disorganized person. I’ve spent my last two days off doing small tasks here and there. Putting off large tasks. I feel a bit numb…. stagnant. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing yet i wonder if it’s a necessary thing. When you’ve been so depressed for months to feel meh is aContinue reading “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”

I woke up this way again

I’ve have slight paranoia about death again. I’m worried someone i love will die and I’ll be shattered. I just realized the doctor upped my Buspar so maybe that will help. Time will tell. Today I’ve only managed to put makeup on for fun as usual putting off what does need done. I plan onContinue reading “I woke up this way again”

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