Small victory … big change

So by the end of the day yesterday I noticed a few awesome things.  Twice my usual paranoia triggers were either null or significantly diminished. The big bosses were in the office which typically means for me I start to worry I’m going to get written up.  I never have been even close. I didContinue reading “Small victory … big change”

This is how i leave the new pdoc

A crying mess cuz first they screwed up my appt time and i had to worry about being late to work.  Second i laid it all on the line no lying no trying hide the real thoughts in my head.  She acknowledged i am bipolar but was in fence of borderline personality disorder. She saidContinue reading “This is how i leave the new pdoc”

Is the Fog Really Lifting?

Only four days on my new med and my mind is calming. It is very surreal. I have barely touched my Klonopine. This is a severe change as I never ran out of it in the month BUT I was slowing using up all my as needed reserve just to calm myself through the day.Continue reading “Is the Fog Really Lifting?”

Semi Wordless Wednesday.

Any questions or comments please leave them below. I do appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my blog. Sending positive vibes your way.  Please follow me on my social media sites. I  am on my beauty youtube channel, beauty blog, tumblr, twitter, FB, google+, personal blog, youtube vlog, and instagram.

What I did on Christmas Staycation.

Well I can safely say this picture above did not happen. I put off A LOT of Do something today’s while on staycation. One half of my mind things I should be unhappy with myself and the other half doesn’t give a shit. I figure to work it out and make them both happy IContinue reading “What I did on Christmas Staycation.”

Zero TO Hero Challenge 4: Meet the Neighbors

      The challenge today is to find five blogger to follow. I am linking the five to share just in case you would want to follow them as well. MyNDTalk — This blog states it is commentary on anxiety and mental health. My son and myself struggle with extreme anxiety so I amContinue reading “Zero TO Hero Challenge 4: Meet the Neighbors”

Not everything is about me!

Ugh my anxiety and paranoia is on high alert today. I have learned rarely is it involving me but I take everything so personal. First it has been with my hubby when he has just gas a lot of worry.not about or core relationship but money getting laid off and Christmas coming. I had therapyContinue reading “Not everything is about me!”

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