Waiting causes me anxiety

I’m sitting here waiting for my son to get his tooth filled. Not sure if it’s the wasted time and anger kind of anxiety or sitting in a room full of strangers and feeling alone anxiety. I know it’s a dash of passing the bill as I don’t get paid until the thirtieth and IContinue reading “Waiting causes me anxiety”

For Good or Bad

I am the queen of letting people decide my mood or feelings about myself. It is a complete defect flaw. If I could change anything it would be this. It causes paranoia, flxations, and depression. And no amount of medication seems to subside this except when I was a zombie and didn’t care about anything.Continue reading “For Good or Bad”

Throwback Thursday: Medication control

I decided turn back Tuesday sounded dumb. lol I think it’s really suppose to be Throwback Thursday. I thought it’d be a fun segment to do until I run out of drafts. Over a year ago (April 27th to be exact) I wrote… “I wrote the comment below on a blog post from living inContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Medication control”

Turn back Tuesday: Fighting sensitivity.

I was looking at drafts on my blog and found this snippet from ten months ago. Other than the last two days, and making a new friend. I feel not much bright spots in life. I’m so sensitive and paranoid about everything people do or say. I’m back to pre mood stabilizer I think. ThenContinue reading “Turn back Tuesday: Fighting sensitivity.”

Virtual reality

I’m full of worry and anxiety. I wish I had a friend who I could really share my thoughts with. My struggles and why I don’t have a backbone. I have friends but their advice is all so different. And really it’s my life. I want to be able to plug in directly like virtualContinue reading “Virtual reality”

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