My number one problem in my mind is this battle of wanting to be perfect and not giving a fuck. I think a lot of my anxiety is wondering what will happen during the day that I will fuck up. It’s silly I’m good at my job and I have good kids. I think thisContinue reading “Perfection”

Morning randomness

I woke up cranky and anxious. Not sure why as it’s the weekend after all. My guess is it’s grocery shopping day and clean house day and I’m not feeling it. I’ve been complaining about my dreams and last night was a good one. I want lost in it forever. It played out like aContinue reading “Morning randomness”

#loveme day twenty eight the finale

I’ve learned life isn’t so bad. Some days were a struggle to find the positive but I did my best. I skipped the secret day because I decided I’m not ready to share my secret. Other then that I learned I could stick with something longer than a week. 🙂

Choices not chosen

I don’t necessarily feel bipolar is an illness. I like the term disorder better. Anyway the feel of this meme is felt. No one choices this. I didn’t choose to be different and chemically unbalanced. I didn’t choose to be over sensitive and hold things from ten years ago against myself. Or lose myself inContinue reading “Choices not chosen”

Damn you Etsy

I like to spend money I don’t have. Etsy has so many cute things especially makeup my weakness. What is a girl to do? In other news I’m feeling pretty good but I think I’m on the manic side… Very muted… I’m not caring about money and I feel up beat. It is this whatContinue reading “Damn you Etsy”

This pisses me off

If only happiness was that simple. Oh yes I forgot to be happy today damn it. Yeah right! I saw this on fb posted in a bipolar group and was like wtf. That’s not supportive at all. It really agitated me. Grrrr lol On a side note if you’ve found happiness please share how I’dContinue reading “This pisses me off”


My dreams this last two weeks have been vivid as hell and they are fun. No wonder I want to sleep all the time. I wish I remembered them well enough to describe them but I just remember not wanting to wake from them. Though last night’s I remember had me trying on all kindsContinue reading “Dreams”

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