Waiting and worrying

It’s seven minutes until our appointment time. I wonder how much over we will have to wait. Waiting for doctors is a special kind of hell because they usually bring negative news. We are here for something benign… His sleep study results… But still will they be able to help his insomnia? We shall see.Continue reading “Waiting and worrying”

Getting through the day

I made an error at work. A real one this time not one I’m making a bigger deal than it is. I am oddly calm about it and feel it will work out. Why do I get so down about things that don’t matter as much but real things I go on brain numb lockdown.Continue reading “Getting through the day”

A chuckle

For some reason I found this funny. I thought I’d share cuz maybe you will too. I went and saw my grandmother today and hung out for coffee with a friend. It was hard to socialize but I’m glad I did it. I didn’t even take a nap today. I couldn’t quite my mind longContinue reading “A chuckle”


I can’t stop my brain from obsessing over every little thing. Even when I’m doing my job right I find something in it that is wrong. I can’t get out of this mind funk. All I want to do is sleep so I can not think. I even tried music today and in the middleContinue reading “Obsession”

Eating brains

This is where I’m at today. I keep replaying the weekend in my mind. It’s like I’m trying to torment myself. Another day I might have no brains left 🙂 my therapist told me about this mindfulness acronym by Tara brach Rain Recognize what’s going on…. I am fearful of getting into trouble at workContinue reading “Eating brains”

100 word challenge

I was nominated by getting through anxiety for the 100 word challenge. Here I go… Taylor looked into the coffin. He thought to himself how much he hated the person laying in her death finest. How he was left behind to pick up the pieces. There are two girls to raise without a mother. LifeContinue reading “100 word challenge”


I talked about in therapy where my mind goes into catastrophe mode. It’s almost there now. I was on call and took a report. The women said I was unprofessional and though I don’t think I was the system is flawed. I think I handled the call wrong and I’m fearful of the reprimand IContinue reading “Catastrophe”

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